Don’t be that guy at a wedding!


Fox40 News out of Sacramento, CA published this video yesterday for their viewers sharing great advice for people attending weddings. Great tips to share with Facebook friends and fans alike.


4 thoughts on “Don’t be that guy at a wedding!

  1. I was actually glad people took pictures because my “photographer” who was not a pro, but a friend, ended up not showing. Amazingly everyone who gave us pictures later got all the shots we wanted and more. I might have a different opinion though if there was video being shot.

    • In this case, maybe, just maybe… the person that you assigned to do the documentation of this never-ever-returning-event might been the wrong one. You both should hired somebody who has at least a little experience in this. Even if that’s not friend who does it for free :)

  2. Maybe you’re right. It looks like you have a great business.

    You do make some assumptions though. First, the friend wasn’t a pro, but did have his own business before everything went digital. He was starting again. He wasn’t doing it for free; he was doing it for a small price in exchange for using the pictures. The circumstances which kept him from showing were serious (I won’t’ go into them).

    Second, ours wasn’t a big production wedding. It was small, 40 guests, no wedding party, me, my wife and my pastor. We believed in putting our focus, both in planning and in resources, toward the marriage and not the one day “event.” Three years later, no regrets.
    Have a great day.

    • Sorry, no offense intended! :)
      Actually, I’m in a seemingly futile process of somehow re-strengthening the value of photography in general. Every kind of it. Doesn’t matter if pro or serious amateur (do not consider myself a pro) photographer is doing something, everything has GOT TO HAVE value. I despise everybody who works for free, because it kills the profession, not only his, but others’ as well. Yeah, do it for building connections, that different. I do not consider that an issue. But do not do it for the expected (or hoped for) exposure. :)
      Also, unfortunately: I cannot make a living (of photography)
      cheers, thanks for the input!

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